Sunday, July 10, 2011

Remedies with tomato juice

tomato juice
When the tomato was shortage in the tropical by the Spanish conquerors thought that it was a poisonous fruit. More ahead the tomato was used as a plant to decorate subjects of gossip and like a natural remedy for the diarrhea.

In the present, the tomato is one of three foods more respected by its high content in lycopene (the other two are broccoli and carrots ). lycopene is an antioxidant that it protects against several types of cancer.

In addition, the tomato juice is an excellent ingredient for several homemade remedies like for example:

• In order to undo of the remainder that leaves products for the hair, it soaks his hair with tomato juice, covers with a cap of bath by 10 minutes and washes as usual.

• After one night, if it took a few drinks and the next day suffering from a hangover, drink a glass of tomato juice. Note: This it could be a good remedy for the undertow but it remembers that drinking alcohol in excess can destroy vital organs and ruin its life generally.

• In order to erase the freckles. Recently I wrote in blog how to clear the freckles with lion tooth then I leave another trick here them. The juice of a fresh tomato like compressed is applied on the freckles.

• And another trick more than we never hope must it use. If it sprinkled sprayed it with or we know what, to take off the scent, or rather, stench, adds a cup of tomato juice to a gallon of water and wash with the mixture. Also it serves for the clothes.


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