Friday, July 1, 2011

The foods that benefit the human body


It is than obvious more that the key to realist a balanced diet is not only limited the amount that interferes during the meals or the level of physical exercise that is carried out every day. Many foods exist that stand out against the others to offer benefits than more healthful to the human body, and next we will tell them which are.

Liver: It is the natural iron source par excellence. To many they watch it people of rejoin (by the scent that produces when cooking it, mainly) but is really delicious and it does to him very well to the body. Anyway it is necessary to eat it in certain amount, because it has much fat and the excess can be counter-productive.

Citruses: If they look for a good vitamin source C for the times at which the cold makes damage on the respiratory system, the citruses are the best option. They raise our defenses and they protect to us of the restrooms and the generation of cold.

Garlic: Many do not know it, but it offers many benefits to the circulatory system and is very recommended in those people who present/display a cholesterol index very lifted. Anyway, it is necessary to consume it with certain moderation.

Olive oil: Although he is more expensive than “common” oils, the cost is worth the pain since it offers excellent benefits to fight against diseases that affect to the heart or all the circulatory system.

Broccoli: A delicious vegetable and that in addition presents/displays many benefits for the human body. He is ideal to protect the digestive system, but also it fulfills an excellent work in the prevention of tumors and other diseases like the diabetes.


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