Monday, July 11, 2011

Differentiate between cold and flu

cold and flu
How to differentiate between a cold and flu ? Many people usually confuse between both diseases, since both present/display similar symptoms, nevertheless, flu or influenza patients have more discomfort than those with colds.

It is possible to accurately remember that the symptoms about cold and flu vary between each person, making it difficult to determine accurately some features that disease. Some advice exist who will help to determine which of these diseases we have opposite:

• The influenza or flu usually occurs suddenly, while cold makes it more slowly.

• The cause colds in people a level of mild to moderate exhaustion. On the other hand, the people with influenza or flu suffer of a high level of fatigue.

• When we have influenza or flu the throat bothers to us constantly, bringing about pain in that part of the body, On the other hand, when we have a cold is not usually afflicted throat.

• The influenza or flu also reduces the appetite, unlike the cold where our appetite remains as normal form. In addition, the influenza or flu also generates pain muscular, unlike the cold that causes no pain in the muscles.

In both cases he is highly recommendable to go to a doctor so that it carries out the suitable diagnosis about cold and flu. The opinion of a specialist besides clearing our doubts on the disease, will offer the suitable treatment us to surpass the evil.


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