Thursday, July 14, 2011

High heels hurt women's feet

high heels
The women would have to abstain to use high heels to prevent problems in the feet, today recommends a study published by the magazine Arthritis Care & Research. According to research conducted by scientists at the Geriatric Research Institute, the type of footwear who use the women, including those of high heels and the sandals, can cause foot pain in the future.

Moreover, the study found that there is a "major" sore feet among the men and shoes they wear. There is a growing risk of pain in the back of the feet in women who wear high heels or those who lack adequate support and structure, "said Alyssa Dufour, Research Program of the Musculoskeletal Institute and author of research. The scientists say their study is one of the first that explores the relationship between the type of footwear and foot pain.


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