Sunday, July 3, 2011

Radish, a natural ally against the cancer

The radish is a vegetable, that like the rest of the cruciforms, has a powerful anti-carcinogenic action. In addition, it contributes very few calories, reason why it supposes tentative ideal if you follow thinning diets.

The radish is helpful for eliminating liquid . their high content in vitamin C and its sulfured components contributes to the prevention of tumors. But not only this, the radish is a great ally of the digestive apparatus since it favors the regeneration of the intestinal flora, alleviates gases, the slowness of stomach and the constipation.

The radish is rich in potassium, and so it helps to fight the retention of liquids and is useful for those people with stones or river sand in the kidneys. It chooses those that are not too great and with the green leaves good.


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