Sunday, July 17, 2011

lamivudine Hepatitis B

lamivudine hepatitis b
Hepatitis B is a deadly disease; this disease is one major threat to global health. It is estimated that 2 billion people around the world have been infected with HBV and around 350 million people have contracted chronic (long-term) hepatitis B infection. Moreover, approximately 500,000-700,000 people die from hepatitis B every year.

There are several reasons for the high burden of hepatitis B in the country. The two main reasons are lack of awareness of the disease coupled with inability to afford the expensive treatment.Not because the disease is deadly, but there is no cure, so far the powerful medicine for this disease is lamivudine hepatitis b. it works very well as treatment of chronic hepatitis B patients. This drug has been shown to decrease the amount of hepatitis B virus in the world in blood flow by a factor of 1,000. Some cases have also found that patients who received lamivudine hepatitis B had decreased liver inflammation, which in turn, reduces the amount of damage and the potential for liver cirrhosis. Some patients taking lamivudine hepatitis B also experienced healing of existing liver damage.

The drug is more flexible than interferon, which can be problematic for people with normal liver enzymes, hepatitis B mutations, or high levels of hepatitis B virus replication. People who do not respond well to interferon often respond well lamivudine hepatitis B.

Like other medicine in general lamivudine hepatitis B has Side effects, there are : headache, diarrhea, fatigue, sleep problems, coughing, nausea and vomiting, chills, abdominal pain, muscle aches, skin rashes.

And also, Continuous treatment with lamivudine hepatitis B delays clinical progression in patients with chronic hepatitis B and advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis by significantly reducing the incidence of hepatic decomposition and the risk of cellular carcinoma.

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