Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blueberry : Powerful Natural Antioxidant

I been one time ate bread with blueberry jam, it tastes good, and whether you guys know that blueberries are a fruit that although we found from June to December, but blueberry is a fruit that has good taste. Not only have the unique taste and delicious sweet and sour that we combine our recipes and diet, diet? Yes bias made the menu for the diet, and also a wonderful ally for our health. In fact, we can say that, thanks to many properties, is one of the fruits of the most recommended and beneficial for our health.

Like with other berries, cranberries are powerful natural antioxidants due to its high content of vitamin C and anthocianina. Enter the blueberries in the diet increases our immune system and help us reduce the action of free radicals associated with aging, cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's. They also have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. They are a very good ally to fight urinary tract infections and high in fiber and low in fat and calories, making them ideal for the diet and to prevent constipation.

They are very refreshing, thanks to the high tannin content, making them ideal for taking in the summer and so beat the heat, especially in the delicious juices that we can prepare. They also help protect against tooth decay and bones. Like we see, the number of properties of blueberries makes them very desirable and if we add that also will be able to help us prepare for rich sweets, sauces and dishes, becomes a necessity that should always have in our homes.

From the smell of blueberries was more flavorful, either alone or fresh fruit or maintain rich preparing to become a luxury for the palate. This allows you to combine taste with great success with all types of products. Our breakfast will be much brighter if we add to our toast or jam made with blueberries. We can also choose to have alcoholic beverages with cheese or as a filling for sweets and cakes, which will be fun. Juices made from blueberries and ice cream alone or with other fruits will surely awaken everyone. And if you want to surprise everyone, we can always use them to make a delicious sauce for meat.

Undoubtedly, cranberries are delicious fruit that would become one of our favorites, both for flavor and possibilities offered to prepare delicious dishes, for their health beneficial properties, blueberry not only delicious food but also healthy too.


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