Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tiredness during pregnancy

fatigue pregnancy
In the first trimester, the main cause of the tiredness during pregnancy is the hormonal revolution and it is “subtle” a message that sends the nature to you so that you rest and you lower the rate. In the second trimester, the preoccupation or the fear to which it can happen to him to the baby, next to a bad nutrition, generates in the majority of the pregnant symptoms of Tiredness like drowsiness or the general slowness. Finally, in the third trimester, the causes with “truly physical”, since the increase of weight is important and overloads the legs and the joints. In addition, the rest is less restful.

How you can fight it:
- To overcome the tiredness during pregnancy it is necessary to follow a feeding healthful that it includes foods and products like the wheat germ, which contains Octacosanol, a substance that increases resistance to fatigue and improve performance.

- Take royal jelly, which relieves fatigue pregnancy thanks to its invigorating substances. Pollen, on the other hand, provides a concentrate of nutrients with a leading revitalizing effect.


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