Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Benefit bicycle

benefit bicycle
The bicycle can be a very good form to make exercise, without concerted efforts and of a pleasant way. One recent investigation of realized Harvard envelope more than 18,000 women has confirmed the benefits of this activity, still if long time is not dedicated to him.

Or we have recommended several times that to go to make the purchases in bicycle or, even, to the work, all or the majority of the days can be a good option to stay active.

“Unlike which it happens with gymnasium activities, the bicycle can replace the time necessary to arrive in car at different daily activities. As this form, it can serve like an unconscious way to realize a physical activity since often the objective is not to make exercise, but arrive at a site”, have written the authors of this work that demanded about 16 years of pursuits.

The investigators of the University of Harvard (the United States) followed the evolution of a group of 18,414 women whom, at the beginning of the study, they had between 25 and 42 years of bicyclers, during about 16 years.

At the beginning of the study, only a 1.2 percent of the participants had assured to use the bicycle more than 30 minutes to the day, whereas a 50 percent of the women had said to make strolls to a rate under habitual way.

Between the benefits that found when comparing the data, the investigators observed that the women that walked in bicycle an average of four hours per week were less prone to gain weight.

And still more, it was possible to be demonstrated that the women who do not bicycle at the beginning of the study, beginning when doing it soon (only about 5 minutes to the day) showed positive results.

“The results more were marked in the participants who, basic, presented/displayed an excess of weight”, the experts commented, whom they emphasized that the benefits of the bicycle are similar to those to walk of vigorous form.

These conclusions appeared published in the specialized magazine you file of Internal Medicine.


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