Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kidney beans reduce effects diabetes

kidney beans
The diabetes is one of the diseases that more people afflict anywhere in the world, and at present studies are being carried out different with the purpose of to restrain the expansion of this disease. Recently time, students of the University of Querétaro discovered that the consumption of kidney beans can collaborate to control the effects of the diabetes.

These vegetables, next to a correct and sensible diet serve to improve the level of digestion and vitamin absorption and nutrients. According to the experiments realized with mice, some kidney beans allow to lower the sugar level in blood, whereas according to the variety also they can help to prevent problems in the kidneys.

For the specialists, the entrance customary nutritional Americans within the Mexican culture has influenced considerably in the propagation of the diabetes. The increase in the ingestion of fast meals by far level of fats, soda waters, desserts and candies has displaced to Mexican typical plates, scattering this disease quickly.

At present one calculates that around about 250 thousand Mexicans they suffer of diabetes, in his majority brought about by the loss of a healthy nutritional habit and balance.

It remembers that he is ideal to maintain a care in the ingestion of little healthy meals, is necessary to do a diet balanced, maintaining the physical activity like a fundamental prop for the care of the physical state. Ten in account that is necessary to inform controls periodic if you have diabetes.


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