Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First lessons of hygiene

They are too young to wash their own, but already we can instill to them, with games and much patience, healthful habits of hygiene.

In the gardens, a pool usually forms when they water the plants or when it rains: a treasure for the children and an upheaval for the parents. “I do not know why my son enjoys so much soiling itself”, a mother comments. An experienced papa more (he has two children and he already knows how ma is you) clears importance to him to the subject: "We must leave, it is normal ....."

Within two years, the child is a smaller, a discoverer of the world and, clearly, a magnet for the germs.

But we must not make exam: if we insist that there is much to be careful with germs, we can make a little boy obsessed. Moreover, at this age express what experts call the "reaffirmation of the self through no" and the active TUD that "my body is mine and not yours?" If we insist much on the subject of cleaning, we prune to achieve the opposite effect: the small rebel and refuse to marry us.

In order to teach good habits to him of hygiene of we see consider some you rule:
• Do not forget their limitations and try to start with what he can do.

• To facilitate the things to him (towels by hand, hygienic paper to its height, stool to arrive at the lavatory…).

• Not to compare it neither with brothers nor with friendly.

• To avoid to criticize it (to praise its advances is better than to challenge it by the errors).

• To preach with the example (it enchants to him would imitate the adults) and to play with him (the cleanliness must be a pleasing activity for all).

• And patience, much patience.

Although he likes to do it alone, before the four years will not be able to clean him correctly, so we are reasonable and we do not demand too much. To be autonomous, we must monitor and review their work. What matters is that you gain these standards hygiene should be maintained for life.


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