Sunday, July 10, 2011

Advice on influenza

Beyond this new wave of swine flu that is worrying more and more world-wide to the sanitary authorities, certain is that already we are in time of influenza seasonal human, so always it is valid to remember which are the measures that there are to take in case of being ill to avoid to infect to others, besides having one more a faster recovery.

* In principle, it is necessary to try to remain in the house, and not to leave. Still more, it is necessary to avoid to go to places where there is much people, to the work, schools or any other site with concentration of people (nor which to speak cinema, theaters, or even the transport means) not to propagate the virus towards others.

*Essential is to cover the mouth with some dismissible panelist, whether by talking, coughing or sneezing. This also will avoid infecting those around you.

* Also be careful to avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth since the virus also spreads when a sick person touches these areas with mucus and then touches an object (the virus can remain there, and then if someone comes and takes can get through it).

* Also remember that it is better to avoid dust, smoke, snuff and other substances that may be detrimental to the breath. Children are more vulnerable and are more exposed before these other agents are also harmful to the airways.

* Finally, remember: If you are sneezing and have no hand no disposable handkerchief, then do it on your elbow, if you do it with the handkerchief covering you, throw it away in a plastic bag.


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