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Baby Massage

Baby Massage
Health News - Not only adults who need a massage, but also baby needs massage (Baby Massage). It can stimulate baby's intelligence. Because baby massage provides stimulation (stimulus) is continuous so that baby development can be optimal, are emotionally stable and adaptable.

Baby massage is a very intimate moment, because involves skin to skin contact. That is why, the infant and pediatric massage practitioners agree babies should only be massaged by someone very close to the mother and father, and not by strangers. Baby massage is also only done if the baby wants.

How to Massage Baby
• Select the time of the massage while you relax and not in a hurry and will not be interrupted in the middle of the road. Do not massage your baby before or after a meal, or when the baby is sick. Do not wake the baby for a massage.
• Prepare equipment such as massage oil to massage the baby, such as vegetable oils, pads, clean diapers and clothes. Aromatherapy oils for adults may not be suitable for babies.
• Remove the bracelets, rings and cut your finger nails are long so as not to hurt your baby's delicate skin accidentally.
• Spread out a soft mat or towel on a flat surface and remove the baby clothes. You can also put your baby on your lap. Place babies on their backs when you rub the front of your baby, then on his stomach while massaging the back.
• Rub only about half teaspoons of oil in the palm of your hand for easy glide massage your hands on the baby's body. You can add more oil on the baby's body as needed.
• Massage your baby gently but firmly with the palm of the hand or fingers. Massage lightly in a circle on the chest and abdomen, two shoulder massages, fell down on the arms and legs and then back it up on the back. Newborns may enjoy only two to five-minute massages, while the baby is older than two months can be enjoyed longer.
• Do not be too much pressure on the baby's fragile body and avoid the spinal area.
• Reassure the baby that does not move when massaged by talking or singing.
• Eye contact with the baby makes it feel to get your full attention.
• Stop massage can make a baby suddenly alert. Therefore, be careful to slowly and gently when going to stop the massage.
• Do not use oil on the head or face. Keep your fingers baby oil is not affected because they tend to put a finger in the mouth or eyes, so that it can cause irritation.
• baby blanket with a clean towel and warm after a massage and give her a hug.
• Avoid cuts or areas where the infant received an injection of vaccination or perhaps because of illness.
• You can continue to massage your baby until he was three or four years, because the benefits of massage are both very much. Among them:

Ø Increase the number and cytotoxicity of the immunity system

Ø Changing brain wave positively

Ø Improve blood circulation and respiration

Ø Stimulates digestive functions as well as disposal

Ø Increase weight gain

Ø Reduce depression and tension

Ø Increase alertness

Ø Makes sleep more soundly

Ø Reduce the pain reduces bloating and colic (stomach ache)

Ø Increase the inner relationship between parent and baby

Ø Increase the volume of breast milk

Well, mom’s can do baby massage as early as possible, immediately after birth. Babies will get bigger profits when the massage done regularly every day from birth until age six or seven months.

A good time to do the massage was the morning before bathing. It could also night before the baby bed to sleep more soundly. Massage action can be reduced with age babies. Since the age of six months, a massage every other day is sufficient (baby massage).

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