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Eat White Rice you will Diabetes

White Rice
White rice is the staple foods for the citizens of Asia, particularly Indonesian people, including citizens of the west also enjoy white rice.

White rice is more delicious, as compared with brown rice or whole grains. But based on the seconds that the experts found people who ate white rice from time to time have high blood pressure, elevated levels of sugar and harmful fats in the blood, and low cholesterol levels.

Besides the direct impact that can be seen by the eye is the stomach will bulge or widening waistlines. And all that most major risk is of developing diabetes and heart disease.

Said Frank Hu, associate professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston as reported by Fox News, “Rice is very easily converted into sugar by the body. Compare with a grain that contain more fiber and has a low glycemic index".

In his study of 1900 men and women in Costa Rica, Hu and other researchers found that people who regularly swap a portion of white rice with whole grains had a 35 percent lower risk of triggering the symptoms of diabetes.

Hu also noted data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the rice consumption in America rose from 9.5 pounds per person in 1980 to 21 pounds per person in 2008. While the consumption of whole grains is much lower which is about 7 pounds per person.

"This is a bad trend if people eat more brown rice instead of white rice. A serving of white rice is like eating candy, which is low in fiber and nutrients. Trends like these will have long term effects on the body's metabolic system," Hu said.

Hu suggested that began to reduce and replace white rice with brown rice, nuts or seeds to get a source of carbohydrates that have lower sugar content.

White rice including simple carbohydrates that contain high sugar content, it will immediately become energy quickly and increase blood sugar levels. But the simple carbohydrates cannot store glycogen reserves.

Conversely types of carbohydrates such as yams, maize, cassava, oatmeal, wheat bread, brown rice is a complex carbohydrate and low sugar levels full longer hold up to 6 hours.

These complex carbohydrates can be stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen (a substance prior to glucose). If the body lacks energy, glycogen reserves are to be broken down into glucose for energy.

Complex carbohydrates contain less sugar but more high-fiber, so it gives more benefits, both for women, men and children.

Containing rice glycemic index over 70 rates should be avoided. But unfortunately, rice-rice sold in Indonesia is sometimes not known her IG levels. Usually people signify a clean white rice and delicious as the higher calorie rice, because rice skin that contain complex carbohydrates have been lost.

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