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Dangers Of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disorder in which bones become porous and brittle. The causes include a lack of calcium or other minerals in bone. In addition, osteoporosis can also be triggered by lack of estrogen.

People with osteoporosis are characterized by a bent or crooked body. However, the truth is not always the case, many people who already suffer from osteoporosis but not visible from the outside.

Here are a few causes of osteoporosis :

• Natural process because the process of aging (above 70 years)
• Menopause in women (usually over 50 years) due to decreased estrogen lived 20%
• Diets that any resulting deficiency of calcium, protein, and vitamin D3
• Lack of physical activity
• Most of taking any medications that contain steroids (usually in patients with asthma and rheumatism)
• Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and coffee until the chronic diseases that interfere with bone metabolism, such as diabetes, liver disease cirrhosis, hyperthyroid (goiter), gland tumors, bone tumors, and so on.

Many people think that he suffered from brittle bone disease (osteoporosis) that consume excessive calcium is dangerous because it resulted in calcification in the joints and the early symptoms of rheumatic pains and pain in the joints. This can happen not only lack of calcium so that bones so brittle, but also occur due to excess calcium resulting in calcification. Careful examination and early to avoid any perception that can be fatal.

Because the porous and fragile, easily broken bones then. The most commonly broken bone is the ilium, spine, and wrist bones.
Fracture of the hip joint is usually due to falls. To fix it need surgery. Often, the outgrowth of the femur must be replaced with artificial bones.
Fracture of the spine sometimes is fatal. Patients may experience weakness or paralysis of the lower limbs due to suppression of nerve fibers that exit the vertebrae.

Osteoporosis treatments carried out in various ways. Able to process medical, sports and the provision of drugs aimed at increasing bone density. On the other hand, by operation of osteoporosis, but this did not guarantee a cure. In fact, many patients are actually sick after surgery.

Alert as early as possible the disease.
Because bone loss is already very difficult for reconditioned. For that get into the habit of healthy living, eat nutritious meals, and enough exercise. Diet and setting the correct diet will determine the condition and health of our bodies. So, better to prevent osteoporosis since from now on.

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