Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fan vs AC Inverter

Panasonic CS S10KKP Envio Inverter
Surabaya, Starting from global warming in my room 3 × 4 is getting hot, and almost every day of the author and his wife catch a cold, because it uses the fan, the author finally dared to try to buy Air Conditioner, given the power just 1300 watt at home.

before buying, first author of confusion because no one gives a review about AC, but after googling finally concluded that better using ac inverter 1PK, coincidentally at Kertajaya street Surabaya there electronic stores that offer 4 kinds options include:

1.Panasonic CS S10KKP Envio Inverter
Price : Rp 3.600.000
Description :
170-920 (730) Watt, Patrol sensor, Envio, 24 hours timer ...

2.Sharp Inverter AH-XP10LY
Price : Rp ?
My Description :
250-1030 (735) Watt, Low Voltage (160 V), Low watt button (max 500W), Powerful
Jet stream, Plasma cluster generation seven ...

3. New LG Inverter S10INV
Price : Rp 3.400.000
My Description :
170-990 (745) Watt ...

4. Daikin Inverter 3/4pk S10INV
Price : Rp 4.000.000
My Description
Sorry i pass this ,because too expensive for me ...

Previous writers interested in the New LG Inverter S10INV who ads is just Rp 1.000 per day / 8 hours of use, but when author asked to a person skilled in that shop, Author got be ridiculed, he said almost never may in reality like that, plus there are cases of people buy it (power in his house just 1300 Watt) finally not strong enough.

Next Daikin Inverter 3/4pk S10INV but to expensive for author . Sorry!

Next the author want to ask Sharp Inverter AH-XP10LY but no luck that product is empty, finally offered Panasonic, because he said it strongly to power in 1300 Watt .... Well finally author buy Panasonic inverter 1pk.

Beside this AC is energy-efficient , AC Inverter is also environmentally friendly because it uses Freon R410A.

What are you want to choose R22 or R410A ? and Why you must choose R410A ?

1. Environmental Friendly!!!!!!!!
R22 is a Hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), which is an Ozone Depleting Substance.

2. More Energy Efficient
Air conditioners using R410A usually have slightly better EER than those using R22.

3. More Reliable.
Air conditioners using R410A are designed for heavier duty and has a thicker compressor shell as compared to air conditioners using R22.

4. Slightly Quieter.
The parts generally smaller and sturdier thus has less vibrations.

5. 'Cleaner' Piping system
Most of the air conditioners using R410A has an additional device called “filter drier”. Its purpose is to filters, cleans, and dries the refrigerant and oil as 'moves' through the piping system.


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