Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bunaken Indonesia

Bunaken is a small island of little more than eight kilometers square that part of the Marine National Park of the same name forms, pertaining to the Flowed, situated municipality of to the north of the island of Sulawesi, in Indonesia.

A corner since there are few in the world, certainly, true paradise for the lovers of the diving. And it is that the beauty of this small island is not as much in which is seen at first, that he is very beautiful also, like in which it does not see, what the sea hoards in its entrails.

Fruit of the forts ocean currents that undergo waters of the zone, the sea that bathes Bunaken owns a highest diversity of chorales -390 different species, nothing else and nothing less! -. A revealing data: apparently seven of the eight species of giant shells that take place in the world come from the Park of Bunaken.

The experience to enter inside this water is fascinating. Diving and snorkeling, can to arrive to be practical meditative, if one is applied in reverential silence to the contemplation of the beauty of the marine world that unfolds before one, under forms so infinitely diverse and beautiful. The true life of Bunaken is under the water.

How to go Bunaken Island :

Flights from Jakarta arrive at Manado-Sam Ratulangi Airport daily and take 3 hours, or 2 hours from Bali and 90 minutes from Makassar. The airport is 20kms south of Bunaken Island, which is a 45 to 60-minute journey by boat. Many resorts on the island provide transfers from the airport although public ferries are also available.


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