Monday, June 20, 2011

Miss America 2011 is 17 years old

The "Miss America 2011" is already found: Teresa Scanlan, pianist from Nebraska. With its 17 years, the "Miss America 2011" is the second youngest Miss America. Only the first broadcast of the Miss America 15-year-old "Miss America 1938," Margaret can Gormann, this record surpassed
The young, former "Miss Nebraska" and current "Miss America 2011," which is of Yugoslav descent, can now look forward to a stipend of $ 50,000. This would use the "Miss America" ​​after their one-year term in Virginia for a degree in Political Science

Vice, "Miss America 2011" was "Miss Arkansas", Alyse Eady. This place is dated, with a $ 25,000 prize money, while third place was pleased about 20,000 U.S. dollars.


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Since the "Miss America" competition in recent years has suffered too much under the lurid Show Miss USA competition, the concept was changed fundamentally. So it was no longer just on the outside, but also to education and talents. This year could be recorded with the refreshed already successful concept: While "Miss America" ​​in recent years ran only on Pay-TV broadcasters, ABC aired the show again this year for free - and could post good ratings.



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