Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Healthy Noodles

Noodles with green , orange and purple are sold in the market.
This colorful noodle is a healthy kind of noodles are sold in fresh or dried. Do not use preservatives and additives, and using a mixture of spinach, mustard greens, beets and carrots as an ingredient. A taste is better, with a strong vegetable smell. These noodles are usually more expensive than regular noodles for wearing quality ingredients. and how to create your own, though more economical? Steps will like this :

- Wheat flour 200 grams
- Spinach 50 grams *
- Water 75 ml
- Wheat starch 25 grams
- Salt 1 teaspoon
- Chicken eggs 2 eggs, beaten
- 3 tablespoons cooking oil
- Flour 1 tablespoon cornstarch

1. Blend spinach and water then add eggs and salt.
2. Pour spinach mixture into the flour and starch while stirring. Enter the cooking oil while continuing to stirring until well blended.
3. Minced noodles with a size 1 to a smooth, move to a size of 2 until smooth and so on up to size 4.
4. Enter into the cutter, select a size small. Sprinkle with cornstarch.
5. Boil noodles until the float, remove and then drizzle with cooking oil, stir and chill.
6. Noodle ready to be processed
Standard for 300 Gram


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