Sunday, June 19, 2011

Netflix back online

netflixNetflix is a DVD rental service provider. We do not need to come to the office of Netflix, the DVD will be delivered to our homes. Catalog and ordering can be accessed via the Internet. And with the popularity of broadband service, Netflix also offers "DVD over IP". we can browse the catalog and direct plays.

Not just a DVD (movie), it turns out the game can also be rented. GameFly take this business model. Order from online catalog, the game will be sent to your home. Play the game as much, without worrying about late return fines. Once restored, you'll be sent a list of other games in your message.

Yesterday, the user can not access the website or streaming feature for about three hours and complain to (of course) Twitter. Netflix has 23.3 million members in the United States and Canada. Will users have access to this website.

Enjoy to rent DVDs!.


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