Wednesday, June 29, 2011

History of

I finally own my new top-level domains, which was previously and present is with the help, beginning of the story I had reference from my friend's office, who said that is good, because it was long he worked in his field in Indonesia and of course the main reason is the domain of cheap prices, with Rp.79.000 you can had top-level domains.

Before buying a domain in, I was initially confused because the domain name of the delicious thought of what I use, I had cannot sleep three days. Quite tiring to look for a new domain name is, if you look in the dictionary does not mean anything.
originally wanted to use the domain name to this blog, but because his name does not match my blog's theme should eventually look for another name, was unthinkable to use the name but it's taken, because I'm the original of Malang city , usually people in Malang city like to reverse the word.

so if I'm turning into
uups!! Sorry wrong is not the intention, but
Then am try to check the domain, ouggh dammn! It was already taken, dizziness... should think again, continue to try to try to use google translate ,from language a to z I finally cut them off using the Dutch language ,which is
let me check on google, was already there, now I try turning
after I checked, yes! Successfully it turns out no one has used this word, so the conclusion is derived from

Dutch language is reversed, which means natural.
Thanks for reading the brief history of the formation of this new name.


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