Monday, June 27, 2011

Komodo Island

Komodo Island is the original habitat of the largest lizard (Komodo Dragons) in the world. Komodo Island also offers visitors beautiful scenery, tranquil and calm, bring you close touch of nature and the beautiful underwater scene. Komodo lies between the substantially larger neighboring islands Sumbawa to the west and Flores to the east, eastern Sumbawa and western Flores by three small green islands Komodo, Rinca and Padar.

If you go to Komodo Island, you will see the greatest reptile of the world (The dragoon of komodo). The dragoon of measures between 2 and 3 meters in length and weight between 80 and 140 kilograms. The greatest dragoon of Komodo that has been seen measured 4, 5 meters and weighed 232 kilograms! The Komodo Dragons is characterized to have its language very long and are able to consume imprisoned great and whole (he is carnivorous). They can get to reach a speed of 20 kilometers per hour and are very slim with the extended head.

The Komodo Dragons is a type of reptile. It comes from the Family of the Dinosaur (ancestors) and is very similar to the crocodiles. The dragoon of Komodo through studies has confirmed itself that is a poisonous animal. The diet of the dragoon of Komodo consists of aquatic pigs, deer, goats and buffalos. The mating is between the months of May and August and the eggs are put in September. They put eggs in the Earth or the hollows of the trees. The dragoons of Komodo babies normally live in trees his first years. The dragoons of Komodo approximately have a period of life of 30 years. The Komodo Dragons is one of the Dinosaurs that were not completely extinguished but this in extinction danger.


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